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“As an avid outdoorsman that uses a lot of bug repellant throughout the year, it’s great to find an all natural solution that doesn’t need a toxin like deet to be effective.”
Dave | Avid Outdoorsman

“Mosquitos are bad here in Pensacola Florida, Buddy’s Bug Away is great, everyone should have some.”
Sara | Buddy’s Facebook Friend

“The Mosquitos love me!! When I use Buddy’s Bug Away I’m mosquito free. Love it! It’s the best product available today. Try it and you’ll love it to.”
Stephanie | Mosquito-free Customer

“I first learned about Buddy’s Bug Away at a wedding on the east coast. I had a bug bite that was itching like crazy. One squirt of Buddy’s Bug Away on the irritated area completely stopped the itch. It’s amazing!”
Robin | Happy Wedding Guest

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